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At Digital Scorcher, we have digital advertising experts who are well-versed with various forms of advertising like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and so on.
Paid Ads

Website traffic is of two types – organic or unpaid, and inorganic, or paid. Organic traffic comes in when people search for products you sell, and your site turns up high in the result pages. Inorganic traffic comes through paid ads, or PPC (pay per click). Search engines like Google and Bing allow marketers to displays ads in the search engine result pages. Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter also allow businesses to show their advertisements, and as a leading Facebook advertising agency in Bangalore, we are approached by several businesses across industries for this service.

Every time a user clicks on the ads, the search engines receive payment. This makes it cost-effective for the business, as they only have to pay when someone clicks on the ad.

Ratings differ by business and keywords, with Google AdWords being the most popular in the digital advertising world. Does all this confuse you? Don’t worry! As the best PPC company in Bangalore, we are more than familiar with all of it.

While most website traffic should be organic, you do need inorganic traffic too; this can get you a surge in traffic and push your website high up in the search results for a short time, and boost your revenues. The results generated, can also be measured quickly and accurately. Further, as any reliable PPC company in Bangalore will tell you, it eventually can translate into organic traffic. Those who come to your site from ads they click, will refer your site if they like your products or services, and content.

At Digital Scorcher, we have digital advertising experts who are well-versed with various forms of advertising like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and so on. Our team is also familiar with how the ads work on different search engines. With digital advertising, we can reach your target audience regardless of where they are in the world. You can be assured that we provide one of the best google ad services in Bangalore, getting you maximum ROI on your ad spends.

Depending on your business model and specific requirements, our team will draw up a unique PPC advertising strategy to help you get maximum paid traffic to your website. We will help you target audiences based on the device they use to browse, their language, or location. PPC helps small or unknown businesses to level the playing field, and compete with more established, larger, or reputed businesses too. Digital Scorcher is the provider of the best PPC services in Bangalore, and will help you generate high volume of qualified leads and send them to your website in the quickest possible time.

Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social networks, and hundreds of businesses use this medium to advertise. So how will your ads be visible from among them? As the company providing the best Facebook ad services in Bangalore, we know the tricks to run the perfect campaign on Facebook. Our digital ads experts design unique ads and campaigns, deciding the timing and more, by drawing from their experience of several years. We will help you increase your sales rapidly, boosting revenues and profitability.

As the best Google ads agency in Bangalore, we design and run campaigns for you on Google and other search engines. This is to attract the attention of not only those people who are searching for your products, but also those who are most likely to be interested.

Here are the different types of digital advertising we do for businesses:
  • Display ad banners – we design banners and ensure that they are displayed to targeted audiences on the internet at affordable costs to get you high traffic volumes. We also help you reach out to audiences who are not aware of your business.
  • Video advertising – these have a deep and lasting impact, and are capable of building brand awareness. They are more engaging, and likely to generate more traffic.
  • Mobile marketing – as the best PPC company in Bengaluru, we can display ad banners on relevant websites and apps to be shown solely on mobile devices. When you have mobile-specific products or services, it will help you reach a huge number of mobile audiences.
  • Shopping ads – these give good exposure to your e-commerce site, and helps you compete with big businesses.
  • Re-marketing ads – ads that target users who have already been to your website via another channel. These ads follow the user to keep reminding them of your brand/products.
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